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Conversion Optimization

Are you part of the 98% of site owners who neglect A/B testing?

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This is by far the biggest leverage point in marketing

Imagine you owned a store in a shopping mall and you could send half of the people coming into your store to one version of your store (aisle arrangement, different decor, items in different locations) and the other half to a second version of your store.  Then you could compare the results of both stores and see which layout worked best and converted the most people into happy customers!

That would be a dream come true for any store owner right? Do you think they would do it continuously if that was possible? Of course, why wouldn’t they!

Well, unfortunately, it’s not really possible for store owners to do that. It would be too good to be true and they’d have such an edge on their competitors.

Here’s the crazy thing, it blows my mind all the time. It’s available to all websites and only 2% of them do it continuously and a small percentage do it right!

How come?

Honestly, I don’t know… and this is why we are offering this service because we feel you’re probably leaving WAY TOO MUCH MONEY on the table.

In reality the reason is that it’s a bit technical to execute a proper A/B test effectively and people never seem to prioritize it. It’s funny because they’re always prioritizing driving more traffic to their site. Even though they aren’t sure it’s the best possible version of what they’re showing this expensive traffic.

It’s really hard to captivate people and keep their attention for longer than 10 seconds, let alone get them to buy something.

Hear me out: let’s say you’re spending $100 a day on traffic and each click costs you $0.50, that’ll give you 200 visitors. If your website is converting these visitors at a rate of 2% that’ll give you 4 sales. That’s $25 per sale.

Most people think that if they want to double their sales they just need to double their traffic. let’s say that they now spend $200, everything being equal, they’d get 400 visitors and get 8 sales at a cost of $25 per sale.

Imagine that instead of doubling their traffic right away they first focused on doubling their conversions then they would spend: $100 a day, get 200 clicks which would now convert at 4% instead of 2%. This would result in 8 sales at a cost of only $12.50 per sale.

Now here’s the kicker! Let’s say they earn $50 per sale. That would be 8 sales at $25 each. That would be a $200 profit on a spend of $200. Not bad!

But hear this! Let’s say they first focused on increasing their conversion rate to 4% and then increased the budget to $200, the magic would happen. They’d still get 400 visitors but now they’d get 16 sales. Each sale would cost them $12.50 and they’d get a profit of $400 on a $200 ad spend!

That’s double the profit on the same ad spend!

If they kept increasing their conversions as they’d increase their ability to drive cheaper clicks they’d compound this effect exponentially and turn their website into a profit making machine!

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