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just like you!

Hipnode came as the result of some soul-searching. We wanted to work at the intersection of what we loved, what we were really good at and what we could meaningfully help the most amount of people with.

We’re always talking about marketing strategies and ways to do things differently. It’s like a game for us. The fact that we can put that to use and improve your business at the same time while earning your respect as a valuable partner is just awesome!.

We only live once and we want to put our energy to good use.

Here’s a little bit about the growing Hipnode team.

JP Bisson -Co-founder

JP Bisson - CoFounder
JP- Bisson

After starting Clicklabs and growing the team to over 100 people I realized that it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. I really liked some parts of running a business but also really disliked other parts. I knew I wanted to run a small team of the best people and constantly be around A players. I also knew that working with entrepreneurs and marketing is exactly where I needed to be.

I still invest into startups and real estate. Here are a couple of the startups I’ve invested in:

  • – the biggest real estate tool for developers in the Philippines
  • – a company which runs several successful assets such as and several others
  • Maybe I/we can invest in your company too

I’m originally from Montreal Canada but I’ve lived everywhere in the world. My daughter Sophia is 2.5 years old and already speaks 3 languages pretty fluently. Her mom is Portuguese but born in Brazil.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 16 years old. I know what it’s like to start something from scratch and do everything I can to make it grow. I’m sure we will see eye to eye and together we will make your business grow.

Jack Fitzgerald – Co-Founder

I got started in 2007 promoting affiliate offers on FB Ads (Thanks for the fun times Zuckerberg!).

I then moved into the startup world and co-founded @Ship2Anywhere which earnt us some pretty cool awards at the time.

After I moved on from Ship2Anywhere I had a few years off and took the opportunity to seek clarity on my future direction. I tasked myself to discover what I’m passionate about and what I can be fulfilled doing on a daily basis for the next 10+ years. This is how Hipnode was created!.

I believe in creating your own life and living it on your own terms, being able to travel the world while working with awesome businesses, fun people and flexing my media buying and conversion skills on a daily basis is my dream life. This allows me to blend my passion into my work and create fulfilled days doing what I love.

If I’m not “working” you will find me practicing mindfulness, running, studying something new, playing with a dog or working on your campaign.

Marko Deletic –  Media Buying Specialist

Digital nomad, hedonist and an amateur musician born in the ashes of once the 2nd biggest economic force in Europe. I draw inspiration from the smallest things in life that usually slip by unnoticed in everyday rush. I’m inspired by people – our way of thinking, acting, responding and communicating is like an endless puzzle to me, a mystery waiting to be unraveled.

Marketing comes natural to me, since I was a toddler, I was unknowingly A/B testing people, poking them to see how they respond. Now as an older and wiser guy, I’ve found a way to do what I love. And I’ve done it since I was just 18! My world consists of balancing my two biggest passions – business and art.

Although many would argue that the brute, relentless force of capitalism can’t ever hope to go along with the beautiful and understanding emotion of art – I find that they represent the two biggest pieces of puzzle that make us what we are – soft but powerful begins capable of building cities, and burning them to the ashes if we desire so.We are what we choose to be, and only in balance we find that the fire of youth sparks the ember of wise old age creating a perfect symphony of astuteness and vigor in life.

My life philosophy reflects on my work – I take the unwary, raw power of your ideas and mix them together with the wisdom and experience accumulated by now countless hours and years of work and use them to turn ideas into successful projects.

I approach work from a logical perspective without wasting time on guess work and get you where you need to be using my expertise as an SEM & Inbound marketing expert. I welcome you with an honest smile and a warm handshake. You can rest assured that your company is in good and experienced hands.