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Is remarketing your highest ROI channel? It should be!

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Remarketing lets you show ads to your website visitors after they leave your site. It’s like a marketing stalking weapon!

Alright, it’s not exactly like stalking but remarketing is so powerful we’re amazed not everyone is doing it. I’ll quickly explain what it is for those of you reading who don’t know.

Basically remarketing lets you show ads to a set of people who have visited your site. You can target everyone who has visited your site or you can get quite granular and target people who visited a specific page on your site or people who performed a certain action on your site (added a product to their shopping cart).

The result is that if these people leave your site without buying anything, your ads will show up on various advertising networks (Facebook, Google Adsense etc.). It actually gives the visitors the feeling that you’re everywhere. Most people will think that you are a much bigger company than you really are because they will see your ad everywhere.  

You might say to yourself… wait a minute isn’t that intrusive? Didn’t these people leave my site because they didn’t want to buy anything anyways?  That’s a fair and legitimate observation but not quite accurate.

Most people rarely buy on a website the first time around. You’re most likely the same. People need to be courted and you need to earn their trust. They might be leaving your website to view some reviews about your company and do some comparative analysis to see if they’re making the right decision. You’ve been in their shoes several times.

The problem is that we all have the attention span of goldfish so we need to be reminded of things. Subliminally remarketing serves two purposes, it creates brand repetition which is very conducive to building trust for your brand. It also serves as a reminder of their problem which needs to be solved and they will be likely to click on your brand when they see it and the time is just right.

Bottom line is that we believe remarketing, when done precisely, is the biggest ROI vehicle you can have online. You’re basically targeting people who have all shown an interest in visiting your site in the first place. That says a lot about how targeted they are.

Let’s jump on a call and run the numbers with you. You might see leads & sales coming in at 50% of your usual cost. That’s a clear win!

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