Need more leads or sales but you’ve reached a plateau? We’re here to help you then! We’re experts at finding you new traffic sources and multiplying your revenue from existing ones.

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Why Hipnode

Ready for a 10,000% increase in sales?

… maybe not in the first year but we’re pretty good!
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We get you.
We’re entrepreneurs too!


You’re busy running your business and you feel there just aren’t enough hours in a day. You know where your company could be and it’s just not there yet. There’s simply too much to focus on and you don’t know where the time goes.

All the while, you want to grow your sales through all the possible marketing channels that would bring the highest ROI and scale as quickly and as much as possible.

Sound familiar?

We’ve been there and we can help you. Before starting Hipnode we’ve owned, run and exited successful startups (, and more).  

After exiting our latest startup we did some soul-searching and asked ourselves what we loved doing (and didn’t love), what we were really skilled at and most importantly how we could really help people. We had been successful and had generated millions in revenue but we hadn’t yet hit our sweet spot.

That’s when we realized what we really loved and wanted to do: Scaling paid marketing, making sure the traffic converted into sales and working with ambitious entrepreneurs like yourself.

We brushed the idea aside because we felt that starting a marketing agency wasn’t scalable. While thinking of a new venture to start, many entrepreneurs we knew came to us and asked if we could help them with their marketing. They were just too busy actually working on their products to spend the appropriate amount of time researching and understanding the complex media buying landscape.  On top of that they realized that they were leaving sales on the table and they couldn’t get the right ROI at scale.

So we decided to help out our friends while we figured out our next move.

But, we ended up absolutely loving being able to focus solely on marketing and working directly with entrepreneurs every day. It was a dream come true for us and we were achieving awesome results for them!

That’s when we decided to setup Hipnode and to fully focus on it and not look back. Clients kept coming in and we needed to grow our capacity quickly! We proceeded to hire the best team of UI designers, Media Buyers and conversion Optimization specialists we could find.

So here’s how we can help you:


1- First we will jump on an initial call (usually about 1 hour) and really understand your business. You might need a new website, you may also just need to run Adwords or retargeting.  You might also need us to help you from A to Z.

2- We will make you a proposal based on our analysis, what you want and the numbers. We might ask you for a fixed monthly price, we might also take a chance on your business and finance everything ourselves for a % of the sales growth. We may also come up with another suggestion that fits your goals. We analyze this case by case.

3- After you approve the proposal, we get to work. We’ll basically be your partner on the marketing side and be laser focused on driving sales for you for the cheapest price at the highest scale. If we decide to take you on as a client you should know that we will treat your business as if it were ours and we will be frugal, ROI driven and creative about how we increase your sales.

4- We will keep you updated along the way and you’ll see your sales grow continuously.