Need more leads or sales but you’ve reached a plateau? We’re here to help you then! We’re experts at finding you new traffic sources and multiplying your revenue from existing ones.

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Zero Risk Lead Generation?

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Want more leads but just can’t bring yourself work with yet another “expert marketing agency”? I don’t blame you, I’ve been there too. When I was forced to payout a five figure contract to leave a marketing agency who was providing absolute rubbish services I made myself a promise, I would never sign a lock-in contract with an agency ever again.

Now I’m sitting on the other side of the fence providing Media Buying services I’ve stuck to my word and never locked-in a client. Its simple, if I’m not performing I don’t deserve your business.

I’ve decided to take this methodology one step further, put my money where my mouth is and Make You a Bold Offer, Introducing…. Zero Risk Lead Generation. Yes, it means what it reads, ZERO RISK LEAD GENERATION!.

Here’s the services in a nutshell. We build landing pages, pimp out your analytics and run paid ads all on our own dollar. In return you pay us only when we deliver you leads, this is known as pay per performance, a.k.a. Pay Per Lead (PPL)/Cost Per Lead (/CPL).

We only have the bandwidth to partner with a limited number of businesses so we have a strict criteria to ensure we’re only partnering with businesses who are in a position to scale with us.

If you’re interested in knowing more, read the following to see if you qualify to take the next step.

Who This Is For

  • You know your current and target cost per lead
  • You previously have or currently spend on paid ads
  • You generate a minimum of 500 leads per month
  • You have the ability to spend $10,000+ monthly on leads
  • You have a proven business model that’s ready to scale
  • You have a CRM setup already receiving leads
  • You’re ok with allowing us to host our own landing page on your website/server
  • You’re ok with sharing access to Google Analytics and similar systems
  • You can assist in placing tracking pixels/tags on your website

Who This Is NOT For

  • You’re a new businesses without any data
  • You’re an Affiliate marketer without your own product/service
  • You’re not open to testing new strategies and traffic sources
  • You don’t have backend systems and processes to fulfill your leads
  • You already know everything.

If you think we’re a good fit for each other then go ahead and complete an application to partner with us here. After you complete the application we’ll jump on a call to learn more about each other.

If you’re sitting on the fence ask yourself this question. What would an extra 10, 100 or 1,000+ leads per day mean to your business? Let me answer that for you. Predictable revenue, scale and less stress!. Complete an application to partner with us here.

To Your Success,

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